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We all are attracted to memes have been using it to a very great extent and they are one of the best and the cutest way to express ourselves and our feelings.

If you are among those who are too much in memes in then must have observed the memes inspired by khajiits doing rounds. These memes are beautiful, cunning, bang on point, fireless and much more.

Khajiits are humanoid cats and are well known for their trading skills along with thievery in the game. Therefore, here are a few of the very interesting memes inspired by khajiits:

1.    khajiit has wares, if you have coins- a perfect meme for the ones who are the best sellers, if you have money, they can get the stuff. Therefore, it is the money that drives them to work and not the spirit to work. It is a very popular meme and used in various stances to prove the point, that money is the most important factor. 

2.    When a khajiit goes into battle (aggressively screams meow)- when in anger in the battlefield the war cry of a khajiit can scare anyone and give out of the message of their clear win.

3.    Khajiit stole nothing- khajiits because of their clever tricks of trading are often taken to be thieves and they need to plead for their innocence. They are not thieves but are misunderstood and this has become a popular meme.

4.    Khajiit does not discriminate- khajiits are true traders and know that if the person has coins they can get wares for them and for this they do not discriminate. All are equal it is only money that does the talking. 

5.      Khajiit heard you were talking shit- khajiit has sharp ears and takes no nonsense. They can instantly understand if you talk shit.